Pure Luxury Home

Elegance in Buda! The building constructed in 1884 is a property of historical value. This upper middle class apartment was given the name PURE LUXURY HOME following renovation and restoration. Situated in a beautiful, spacious historical building of classical style, this apartment with a 130 square metre floor space offers full comfort, located in a tranquil area in the heart of Budapest, close to attractions.


PURE LUXURY HOME represents a pure style rich in texture, surfacing and quality materials.


Entering the apartment, a large spacious hall welcomes visitors with beautiful antique doors, copper door handles and magnificent mirrors which make the big south-west facing rooms beautifully bright. It is an ideal spot for having an authentic luxury breakfast on the Buda side of the capital city. Secretly we all dream about a bedroom that would capture our heart and that could even turn into reality; a place that would enchant and mesmerise. PURE LUXURY HOME offers a romantic environment for you to put your head down. The discreet romantic lights, the soft rich curtains, the beautiful classic handcrafted double-wing doors and windows along with fine decorations and pretty Dutch scented candles all contribute to the experience. The magnificent hand-crafted functional hearths of the imposing comfortable rooms along with the luxury of the spacious bath facilities (pool, sauna) and the air-conditioning system guarantee genuine relaxation and recreation after a tiring day.


PURE LUXURY HOME is a marvellous new treasure on the Buda side of the capital city!


Various attempts have been made to describe PURE LUXURY HOME in a few words, such as "The art of creating intimacy", "Delight of a peaceful environment", or "Intimate closeness".


Indeed, it has been given many names, but our top favourite is: "Cocoa by candlelight!"


PURE LUXURY HOME is all about atmosphere and experience, rather than just an apartment. It means closeness to your loved ones, the feeling of home. A place where you are safe and protected from the rest of the world, where you can relax; perhaps endlessly discussing little things or big things in life, or quietly enjoying each other’s company, or just sipping a nice cup of tea alone!

Lots of love from the owner,
Judit Forgács
Pure Luxury Home Budapest
24 Frankel Leó Street, 1027 Budapest, Hungary

+36 30 450 62 62